We listen before we talk. Learn before we teach. And respond based on our client's actual need, not on some predetermined package we have to sell, criteria we're trying to meet, or what we think someone wants to hear.

We accomplish this by being SOLVERs; the following are some examples of how we do this:

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A prospective client's global benefits and P&C insurance portfolio had become overwhelmingly complicated and disjointed.

AGP was hired to connect the appropriate coverage to the appropriate employee. Our insurance matrix showed the connections.

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A South African hospital was denying maternity services to a local national employee in premature labor with twins.

We immediately liaised with our client's Human Resources Department, the insurer and the medical facility. We got a guarantee of payment approved and the employee admitted well before the delivery.


A client's emergency assistance vendor began missing key deliverables and was unresponsive to requests for improvement.

We implemented performance guarantees that led to immediate improvements in service performance and client satisfaction.


Local labor authorities threatened to audit a client’s in-country office after discovering too many incorrectly classified employees.

We developed a plan to both convert all employees to the correct employment status and also to calculate withholdings and remittances. The client thus avoided the audit and paying tax penalties.


Due to budget reallocations, a client considered eliminating benefits funding for its local national employees.

AGP created a new class of local national benefits and reduced costs for the expatriate and third country national employee classes. Coverage was improved and money was saved.


Our performance is defined by our results.